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winner selected 9/30/19

*(More detailed) CONTEST RULES: 

-Appt's must be booked for two people to qualify or to redeem prize sessions.

Only double appt's serviced before 9/30 will qualify.

-"Like" our Facebook page and/or Follow our Instagram page.

-If you win, choose any month before March to start the clock on your 30 day redemption window period.

-Can't be combined with any other offers except for shared Member rates.

-Cancellation policy still applies. Give 24 hour notice of any change of plans to avoid a fee.

-You can wait a minimum of 6 days between sessions. 

-You might reach your goal before the 5 session maximum;

however, the deal can not be extended beyond one month.

-Subject to availability of appointments. 

-Not redeemable for cash or any other value of services,

unless more than one appointment has been booked before 9/30.

In the case that a client has come in multiple times in the qualifying period and wins,

they will be rewarded with the prize plus a refund of services (sans tax, processor fees and gratuity)

between now and 9/30, except for the qualifying purchase.

So don't be afraid to come in more than once before the drawing!

-Drawing will be made at random by pulling a qualifying name out of a bowl. 

-Only names of new or existing clients whom have made an action on our social media pages and with completed double-booked appointments served between now and 9/30/19 will qualify. 

-The name of each qualifying client will go in the bowl. If they are selected, they can decide who to share it with, and may share it with more than one person in alternating double sessions within the 30 day redemption period.

-Rewarded sessions also need to be double booked. Don't miss out on the chance to share the freebie!

-All clients need to sign the waiver prior to coming in for the first time.