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Safety Protocols

AS OF SUNDAY, the DIY (do it yourself) process will be re-instated to respect the mask mandate.

All clients who wish to be seen must be vaccinated and able to send photo evidence of their vaccination card. Unvaccinated clients and those with cough, fever, or body aches are not being served to protect the health of the owner and other clients using the room before and after others having sessions.

We will resume the everyday application practice for all clients once the mask mandate is lifted. We appreciate your cooperation and consideration of our health and safety concerns.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Still, please do not harass the owner with any objections to a state-imposed mandate or beliefs regarding not needing the vaccine to be seen at a private business, or they shall be banned for good.

Downtown Smiles reserves the right to alter our process at any time and to deny service to any person who will not be honest or cooperative about the necessary accommodations. Despite what doctors may order you not to wear a mask for specific health reasons, exposing others to an unvaccinated person who does not wear protection from the highly transmissible virus is inappropriate. Therefore no accommodation
 can be made which would effectively expose or endanger the staff to illness. 

Please note: You will be applying the products yourself after guidance from the technician. Please make sure you have a steady hand, good eye-hand coordination, and can listen closely to the instructions. While several steps are made to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and single-use items are used where possible, no guarantee is made of your safety from the covid-19 virus. Downtown Smiles has adhered to social distancing and safer-at-home guidelines and encourages all clients to do the same. All clients must promise to report any positive test results, exposure to a positive case, or illness within two weeks following the appointment.

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