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Full Price $199

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A small, locally-owned, female-operated small business, Downtown Smiles has been Asheville's premiere cosmetic teeth whitening studio since 2016. Just check out our reviews to see why people will make the trip from hours away for a chance to save up to 80% over competitors costs, actually enjoy the experience of their whitening, and walk away with more confidence from the first session. A nice saunter around the downtown's shops and busker performances is a perfect prelude to your session. We schedule around the busiest times of downtown to ensure our clients won't have a crazy time finding a parking space (we recommend the garages on Rankin Ave and Otis Street).



What's the experience like?

When you arrive at the beautiful, historic Miles Building in the heart of downtown Asheville, friendly and experienced staff greet you to our spa-like studio. Simply sit back in a massage chair with some calming music and aromatherapy while the process works its magic under the supervision of the technicians. This is a great time to meditate or listen to an audiobook. 


How long does it take?

After about 45 minutes, you'll be done! We review your results with a before & after picture, shade reading comparison, and your personal evaluation (most look in the mirror and say "Oh, wow!"). Most clients walk out between 2-6 shades brighter in just under an hour. 


My teeth are very, very yellow. Is this really going to work?

The great news is, the more yellow your teeth are, the greater your results will be noticed. It is not uncommon to see a six-shade boost the first time around on the more pigmented teeth, and then the more typical two-shade lift per session afterward. After three weekly sessions, even the most yellowed teeth are often changed dramatically. Up to six sessions may be recommended in those kinds of cases. 


My teeth have little cracks in them. Is this going to hurt?

Our quick process is safe, painless and effective for lifting years of stains of coffee, wine, smoke and more, without wearing on your enamel or dealing with wearing trays through the night, strips that increase sensitivity, or the pain of stronger processes on the market. Most people feel nothing at all, though you may have a couple hours of sensitivity following your appointment, so just steer clear of hot-and-cold consumables. Go for room temperature food and water until you feel ready. Although this is not a medical recommendation, a good home remedy for inflamed gums or lessening the pain of infected teeth temporarily is coconut oil. Its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial agents can make it effective for some topical relief and for oil-pulling, an ayurvedic process which draws impurities out of the teeth (spit out the oil after 5-30min of swishing it around). If you do have extra sensitivity, please call us and we can help.

Always ask to follow your session with the add-on, a mineralizing restoration ("Step 2" for short; costs $15 for members-$30 for non-members) which will not only reduce overall sensitivity, but also help to protect cracks and lesions on the teeth by restoring essential minerals to your smile.


How many sessions do I need?

As a part of every session, your shade will be measured, photographed, and a suggestion for future number of sessions will be given toward the end of the appointment based on how responsive you were to the process. Some folks need only one session to be satisfied, but multiple sessions may be needed as per the individual case. You can come back weekly until reaching your goal, unless otherwise advised.

How long will my results last?

It is important to realize that your results are semi-permanent, dependent on several factors including following post care advisories, your current teeth health, your daily diet, medications, and whether or not you smoke. Results can last from a few months to years. The best strategy is that if you are recommended to get more than one additional session by the technician, become an Annual Brighter Smile Club Member at your first appointment (only) for $99 to save 50% on your appointments for a year (Save $100 every visit). You can always come back to brighten up!


If I need more sessions, are there any package deals?

To lock in the very best savings to reach your ideal look, become a Brighter Smile Club Member at your first appointment (call and ask more about our annual savings club fee & perks). For just $99, you can save 50% for an entire year. That's not all- you can even share those savings with a +1 you bring to your appointment. They can ALSO get the member deal when you book together for the same hour! Save your friend a hundred bucks and enjoy the experience together. Then you can enjoy some light-colored meals and drinks together and compare your results! This is perfect for couples to incentivize their partner to come in.


Can my husband come with me and get his done at the same time?

We do have two seats per appointment, so book with someone who makes you smile. Appointments take up to an hour and you'll need to avoid colorful foods and drinks for a couple of days afterward. Make sure you book your appointment, then your husband's appointment for the same hour. If the system doesn't allow you to do so, it means that the second seat is taken by someone else. In this case, please call in and we'll help you get your preferred appointment time without any hassle.


I'm 15 and just got my braces off. Can I get them whitened?

Teens get great results, and it is so gratifying to complete your smile transformation with pearly whites. Anyone under 18 needs to call in and have a parent or guardian sign their waiver on their behalf.


How do I book an appointment?

You don't need to hide your joy another day- our easy online booking system at www.DowntownSmiles.net will allow you to look forward to a brighter future starting right now. Feel free to call or text our owner, Kitty, at our business number with any questions you may have before buying or booking. 

What are your hours?
We are not usually in the office if there is not an appointment booked, so our hours are when you want us to come in! Use our online booking system to see what days and hours are available.

Do I have to sign the waiver?

Yes. It is important that you are informed of our policies before arriving at the Miles Building. Please review and sign the waiver before you book your appointment, and call if you have any questions about the stipulations. We cannot serve any person who does not commit to the waiver stipulations with their signature.


Is this a national franchise?

Not yet, but inquire if you're seriously interested.

We thank you for supporting our small locally owned and operated business in Asheville, for leaving positive reviews and giving thoughtful feedback to improve, and for sharing your smile with the world. We appreciate making Asheville a place where brighter smiles smile more and make our little town a happier place to live for all.


SAFE - Gentle on enamel & protective of soft tissue

QUICK - Appointments take just under an hour

PAINLESS - Even clients with sensitive teeth do well! Get both steps.

RELAXING - Enjoy the massage chair, music & aromatherapy

EFFECTIVE - See an average of a 2-shade boost upon each visit, and up to 6!

AFFORDABLE - $199 vs. local competitors charging up to $900 per treatment!

CONVENIENT- 24hr. online booking, 3 central locations, text responsive


Please note: We are a small business and our technicians can meet by appointment, at the time of the appointment, only. Please give 24 hour notice of appointment changes to avoid a cancelation fee of $40. We maintain a quiet environment during appointments and ask that you text for the quickest reply if you have any questions. You can also read our Frequently Asked Questions.





Step 1 & 2 are paid separately. Appointments last about 45 minutes.


$169 STEP 1 Teeth Whitening: 35 MINUTES : Sit back in a massage chair and enjoy relaxing music for about 35 minutes. You'll be wearing a mouthpiece and the gel under a light. Typical response is a 2-shade boost, but can be as many as 6 shades. Most clients come back a few times in a month to achieve desired results, and maintain their bright smile by booking every 3-12 months. Don't forget to follow up with a Finishing Gel to enhance & prolong your results and reduce sensitivity.


$30 STEP 2 Finishing Gel (Add-On, Paid at Appt.) :  TEN MINUTES : To complete the whitening process, our remineralization process restores essential minerals to the teeth, hardens enamel by sealing surface lesions, and prevents sensitivity & decay which can lead to further yellowing. The teeth also look shinier and stronger, enhancing your results. Every client is encouraged to receive Finishing Gel, and should only opt out if one does not use fluoride products. CAUTION: Your teeth may be more prone to dullness, future staining and sensitivity if Finishing Gel is neglected. 

N-OFFICE PROMOTIONS For the best looking, natural brightness you desire, several sessions may be required. Our In-office specials offer the best value, but are probably not available after you leave Downtown Smiles' studio. Be prepared to invest in a follow-up visit at a great discount!

>>POST-APPT. DIET Only consume light, white and clear drinks and food for 48 hours following your appointments to ensure the best results. Your teeth are more vulnerable to staining during this period. YES, THAT MEANS NO SMOKING OR COFFEE FOR 2 DAYS! Plan ahead.

Keep in mind, the only way to permanently and instantly whiten your teeth is to get porcelain veneers from a dentist. There are many over-marketed systems we do not approve of for their reputation of burning and abrasions, often with a service cost of close to $1000 per session. Take-home trays are around $400 from most providers and are often left abandoned by clients who cannot commit to wearing them for hours each day for weeks- or worse yet, wake up with burned gums. Strips often increase sensitivity and don't reach between the teeth.

Don't put yourself through a frown to get the smile you want. We can help!
Downtown smiles teeth whitening offers a gradual, gentle, affordable and effective process for in-office teeth whitening. An initial visit usually requires follow-up sessions to attain and maintain the desired shade. Trust us to get you there. We strive for a natural aesthetic and can easily avoid an overdone look by carefully measuring results. We are attentive to your needs and refined at our process. As with the tortoise and the hare, we believe it is better to attain results gently over time than to expose the teeth to abrasive treatments for a quick result (which may be short-lived and cause long-term damage).​​
Follow these advisories for the best results!
48 hours Post-Appointment Dietary Restrictions
Your results are still developing and your teeth will absorb the colors of anything you ingest. 
Only consume food and drink that is clear, transparent, light colored or white colored for 48 hrs after your appointment. 
i.e. NO smoking, coffee, wine, black tea, berries, processed sauces.
To allow your results to settle favorably, avoid smoking anything (including e-cigarettes) and colorful food or drinks that could stain your teeth and diminish your results, such as tomato sauce, yellow curry, coffee, black tea, cigars, red meat, chocolate ice cream, berries, fruit juices.
Luckily, there are many alternatives to explore. Consider a chicken alfredo dinner, a turkey and white cheddar cheese sandwich, rice and tofu, eggs with no yolk, breads, bagels and cream cheese, ricecakes, green tea, white tea, water, corn flakes, milk, coconut water, sugar free vanilla frozen yogurt. Do also steer away from sugar during this 24hours, as it can reach deeper into the teeth than usual, and sugar is a main cause of teeth yellowing. 
If you do forget and realize you've just cheated, brush your teeth immediately, floss and rinse with mouthwash. Your results may be impacted if you choose not to follow this post care advisory, and we are not responsible for the diminished effect of your treatment.